Heartbreakers, D.T.K.L.A.M.F.Jerry Nolan, Henri Paul, Sylvain sylvain, Tony James, Michael Thimren, Billy Rath, Johnny Thunders New York Dolls

Johnny Thunders















Photos from Facade, Gothenburg Sweden 4 June 1982,

Mudd Club, Gothenburg Sweden 16 June 1983,

Octagon, Gothenburg Sweden 18 July 1984 &

A.C.N.E. Jonkoping, Sweden 2 November 1984 &

Kulturhuset, Jonkoping Sweden 1986


A lot of these photos apear in the fantastic movie "Looking for Johnny"


Have a look at my Tenneriffa Cowboys pix! A band featuring

Jerry Nolan & Michael Thimrén of Thunders fame