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Alien Sex Fiend

Fiendology Box Set


Alien Sex Fiend

R.I.P. a 12" collection


Alien Sex Fiend

Death Trip


Anti Silentium




Last Exit


Balaam & the Angel

Sun family


Balaam & The Angel

The Greatest Story Ever Told




Balaam & the Angel

Live Free or Die



Blood & Roses

Same as It Never Was



Boothill Foot-Tappers

Ain't that far from Boothill




Anthology Two




Children on Stun

Outrageous, Outlawed & Outspoken



Children on Stun

Rough Trade on a

Cheap Promotion




Children on Stun

Pin-ups, Soap Operas &

Natural disasters


The Clash

The Rise & Fall of... - Movie



Wings of Joy






Flesh for Lulu

Big fun City



Flesh for Lulu

Long Live the New Flesh



Girls at our Best




Goodbye Mr MacKenzie

Hammer & Tongs



Havana 3A.M.

Havana 3.A.M



Inca Babies




Lords of the New Churh

The Gospel Truth Box set


Medicine Rain

Still Confused...but on a Higher  Level




The Story So Far...






The Complete Collection




Play Dead

From the Promised Land



Senseless Things

Postcard C.V.


Scream of Sirens

Run for Your Life


TV Smith

We Who Wait - Movie



TV Smith

Cheap - Anthology



Theatre of Hate

He Who Dares Wins -Deluxe edition



Johnny Thunders

Looking for Johhny



Toy Dolls

Bare Faced Cheek


Toy Dolls

Ten Years of Toys



Toy Dolls





UK Subs

Warhead Revisited




Various Artists

C87 Box set





Various Artists

Angel Child IV - On the Side of Angels




Various Artists

20 Years of Gloom



Various Artists

Silhouettes & Statues -

A Gothic Revolution 1978-1986



Various Artists

Angel Child VI - The Need for Silence



Various Artists

Angel Child III - Belief in Angels





One in a Million






One More Time





The Albums 1979-85