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Alien Sex Fiend

Fiendology Box Set


Alien Sex Fiend

R.I.P. a 12" collection


Alien Sex Fiend

Death Trip


Anti Silentium




Last Exit


Balaam & the Angel

Sun family


Balaam & The Angel

The Greatest Story Ever Told




Balaam & the Angel

Live Free or Die



Blood & Roses

Same as It Never Was



Boothill Foot-Tappers

Ain't that far from Boothill




Anthology Two




Children on Stun

Outrageous, Outlawed & Outspoken



Children on Stun

Rough Trade on a

Cheap Promotion




Children on Stun

Pin-ups, Soap Operas &

Natural disasters


The Clash

The Rise & Fall of... - Movie



Wings of Joy








Desperate Measures

The Good The Bad & The Ugly




Flesh for Lulu

Long Live the New Flesh



Flesh for Lulu

Big fun City



Girls at our Best



Goodbye Mr MacKenzie

Hammer & Tongs



Havana 3A.M.

Havana 3.A.M



Inca Babies




Lords of the New Churh

The Gospel Truth Box set



Medicine Rain

Still Confused...but on a Higher  Level




The Story So Far...






The Complete Collection




Play Dead

From the Promised Land


Senseless Things

Postcard C.V.



Scream of Sirens

Run for Your Life



TV Smith

Cheap - Anthology



TV Smith

We Who Wait - Movie


Theatre of Hate

He Who Dares Wins -Deluxe edition



Johnny Thunders

Looking for Johhny



Toy Dolls

Dig that Groove Baby - Vinyl



Toy Dolls

Ten Years of Toys - Vinyl

Toy Dolls

Ten Years of Toys - CD


Toy Dolls

Bare Faced Cheek - Vinyl


Toy Dolls

Bare Faced Cheek - CD



Toy Dolls

Absurd-ditties - CD




UK Subs

Warhead Revisited




Various Artists

Angel Child III - Belief in Angels




Various Artists

Angel Child IV - On the Side of Angels





Various Artists

Just a Bad Dream Box set




Various Artists

20 Years of Gloom



Various Artists

Silhouettes & Statues -

A Gothic Revolution 1978-1986




Various Artists

C87 Box set




Various Artists

Angel Child VI - The Need for Silence





One in a Million






One More Time





The Albums 1979-85